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About Us

Trent & Megan (Husband And Wife) - Pastry Chef, Chef And Owners

Here at Nutmegs patisserie we believe in the art of good food, good drinks and great company, its our principles on which we build on.

We are a business run by a loving couple and a dedicated staff, which makes the Nutmegs family.

It started out in 2014 when Megan(the chef & owner) who has always enjoyed cooking and baking (coming from a family of cooks originated from nanny pat- whose pictures adorn the walls) applying her expertise as a pastry chef for Leeds castle, the opportunity then arose to open the doors to Nutmegs Patisserie, and to the husband Trent whose passion for food and drink together  form the ideals at Nutmegs-

we want you to enjoy and be part of  what we enjoy.

Use Fresh Produce, Make Fresh Orders -With A Passion.

We are always pleased to share our menu and time with new ones, and familiar faces.

We are aiminng to help our community as much as we can, and use local suppliers at every opportunity, we have a passion for this, and feel its invaluable in todays world, to help the local community and its businesses also. Please Take a look at out local suppliers list.

We are always aiming to be inspired and to keep refining Nutmegs.

We Thank you for your time with us.

It’s Treasured.

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